distributive pronouns & determiners

cinema or theatre – either is fine by me

do you want soup or steak? i’ll have either

someone has to clean up the place. either of us can do it.

do you want soup or steak? neither one

cinema or theatre? neither suits me

who is going to clean up the place? neither of us

both boys were taken to the headmaster for misbehaving

i have presents for both of you

chocolate cake or apple pie? i do not know, i like both

can i have another piece of cake?

one man held the door, another brought in boxes (wnieść)

other (plural or “ones”)

i liked the film, but other people said it was boring

when i was at school, other pupils used to laugh at me

i like these shoes, but can you show me the other ones?

others (pronoun)

some people like to go to the seaside, the others prefer the mountains.

the other (ten drugi; noun&singular or pronoun ‘one’)

take sb on – to employ sb

we took on two new employees. one resigned quickly but the other man proved to be a brilliant salesman

i have two younger brothers. one is five, the other one is eight years old

i like this shirt, but i will take the other one


i’ll have either a glass of wine or just an orange juice.

we will either go on foot or take a taxi


jane’s new boyfriend is neither intelligent nor handsome

i do not eat neither meat nor fish

both mary and tom took a driving tests last week

both diving and climbing are dangerous sports



By indolentlady

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