we are picking a fight constantly. it does not look good

this test was obligatory but who cares about it

she was a member of extramural studies

this unhappy boy is retarded

tertiary education should have been the best time of my life.

paying off a credit can be tough

assignments are not popular in that place

why you look so sad?

don’t be ashamed to cry

when the night falls

because of this removal i am concerned

set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind.

thoughts become things

i passed this test with flying colours, i was not surprised

proficiency level? you’ve gotta be kidding me (have got to)

i really wanted to have a go, to attempt but she said that there is a big ban. hard to believe

his long johns were so laughable

protrusive ears&rosy cheeks

flawless complexion? not mine 😦

spotty complexion, that is right

chinese have slanting eyes

snub nose = upturned nose


SHEEPSKIN. do you like it?





By indolentlady

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