yup. impossible is nothing. i have  to follow this premise, i sentences will probably contain a lot of mistakes, but who cares? if i don’t try i will never know and i will never take advantage of such opportunity that i,luckily, got!

this is fourth wednesday of november 2011 and i feel like i am at the same position as i was one year ago. is that possible? that i didn’t learn anything? will i never overcome all these obstacles which are appearing on my way all the time? no matter where i am or who i am with i am not able to handle this tough situation.

i have to admit that self-assurance is very important, signifcant value in our life. so for god’s sake! YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ! you cannot let people think that you are useless person. why does everyhing work like that? : when there is one tiny problem on our way to achieve long-held ambition we often give up because we deem that we are not able to make it? we are not smart enough? or other stupid reasons. how come?! we can do anything! “you can get anything you want anything you want in the world, you can make it yours! IT IS SO SIMPLE, isn’t it?

when you want something so badly and you believe in yourself, your knowledge, skills, abilities you are more than certain that you will pursue a goal, you will make it what you planned long time ago! nothing is gonna stop you! it depends on you. it depends on you whether you will make any steps to make your life better and easier whether you will at the same position all the time.

i had to write it. i had to share these thoughts with somebody. because i feel that i am not making any progress and i want it so much! i want to be the master in my profession. my aspirations are so big! but i couldn’t find any motivation to do it. but that’s it! FROM THIS MOMENT LIFE HAS BEGUN!


sounds familiar?

you cannot still running away from the problems in your life you have to FACE A CHALLENGE.

you have to take a risk.

this is so funny. one day i think that i am so pretty and brilliant and the other day i cannot  look at myself and cannot stand my manner.

so many times i heard from other people that i am pretty, clever girl with big sense of sensibility with kind-heartedness.

so why there are moments in my life when i don’t believe in myself? when all my hopes&dreams are suddenly shattered ?

😀 like that.. want to have one 😀

it’s a pity that we cannot be tipsy every time when something doesn’t go our way 🙂 and that the problem will not resolve itself 🙂


By indolentlady

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