but still

the usa is the third or fourth  largest country by total area (Russia, Canada, China) and the third by population (China, India).

Mount McKinley (Alaska) – the hightest point in North America.

The Appalachian Mountains

West of the Appalachians lies the Mississippi River basin and two large tributaries, The Ohio River and The Tennessee River

The Rocky Mountains form a large portion of the Western U.S.

The highest peak of the Rockies is found in Colorado ( Mount Elbert)

Mount Whitney is the highest summit

Climate :

The southern tip of Florida is subtropical as is Hawaii

The climate is arid (suchy) in the Great Basin, desert in the Soutwest; meiterranean coastal California and Much of Western Mountains are alpaine.

oceanic in coastal Oregon and Washington and southern Alaska. Most of Alaska is subarctic or polar.

Dallas (Texas) ; Houston (Texas as well)

mountains to the west; hills to the east

the lowest point : Death Valley

the highest point : Mount McKinley (Alaska)




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