you can have it all

anything you want you can make it yours

anything you want in the world

That awkward moment


I wonder what goes through your head when you hear my name

dare – wyzwanie

*Let’s play truth or dare

Truth, you tell me how you feel

Dare, you prove it


Nothing lasts forever

keep calm and fuck all

destroy what destroys you

sparingly = economically

mildew = mould

as if – jak gdyby = as though


initials – inicjały

brass – mosiądz

immaculate = spoteless, flawless

polecat = skunk

thatched – kryty strzechą

LUNCH COUNTER – bar serwujący proste dania w porze lunchu

pace – tempo, krok

buggy = carriage (powóz)

horse-drawn – ciągnięty przez konie

horse-and-buggy – outmoded

heatwave – upał

minnow – płotka, ktoś mało ważny

noxious = toxic

sneer – pogardliwe spojrzenie

blissful – błogi, rozkoszny

heavenly – niebiański, rajski

can’t wait




By indolentlady

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