last but not least – introducing the last person or thing, meaning that they are equally important

i have to make up my mind but this is  such hopeless situation! 😦

i hate myself..


A lamp in a window

run into the woods = run into the forest

*a great deal of sth -a large amount of sth

liquor for instance : a great deal of liquor was consumed

invective – insulting  or abusive language

to be stranded – to be lost

out there.

habitation – a dwelling place

where are you off to? = where are you going?

i’m off to the shops = i’m going to the shops


chattering teeth.

sort of = sorta

BrE cosy , AmE cozy
fetch – to come or go after and take or bring back.
favourite writer of mine
mailman = postman
catch a ride into town
turn up =show up
the truth of the matter is – sprawa wygląda tak..
set foot in sth – e.g. I will never set foot in this house again
INDIGNANTLY – with indignation, outrage
and so on and so forth
a run into town – a quick trip or visit
Do not run her down; she is very talented – to disparage
run down – to collide and knock down
pet = stroke (verb)




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