loose cannon – a person who cannot be controlled and who does or says things which cause problems, embarrassement for others

backbite – to talk over sb’s back; to say mean or spiteful things about (as one not present)

worrywart – a person finds problems all the time. this person worries about everything

He looked emaciated as if he had lost at least fifty pound.

update=upgradee ; evolve = develop

devious = cunning

it was a pretty devious plan.


self-opinionated = conceited = big-headed = self-righteous

high-spirited = upbeat, bubbly, energetic, vital, vivacious, playful

breeze – for instance, to pass exam with flying colours

stand for sth – it means..

I’ve put a lot of effort into this.

rise and shine – pobudka

hide and seek = peekaboo

shrink = contract ( skurczyć się)

We can’t go on living like this (Nie możemy tak dłużej żyć)

misery loves company – nieszczęścia chodzą parami

right away = immediately = at once

You should have told me right away

i heard that you’re having a baby

have a baby = spodziewać się dziecka, be pregnant

Blue suits you – w niebieskim ci do twarzy

Oakland is situated in California

i’m dying of boredom

malicious = mean = vicious = shabby





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