nutcracker – dziadek do orzechów

comrade =- companion (towarzysz)

We had to start from the scratch

WC – water closet

are you nuts?


this road leads nowhere

the journey was comfortable but lasted forever

lilly of the valley – konwalia

daffodil – żonkil

pending – w toku

cheesecake ; poppy-seed cake

From what I’ve read

Pekin – Beijing

carry out – spełnić coś

to be in the spotlight – być w centrum uwagi

to hit the headlines – trafić na pierwsze strony gazet

on the spur of the moment – on impulse, without premeditation(zaplanowane działanie)

rocket science – an activity requiring considerable(important – znaczący) intelligence and ability

glorious = delightful, wonderful

What Would Blair Waldrof Do?





By indolentlady

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